Spanish Soap Operas – Telenovas

Here at Streaming Soaps, we also offer information on Spanish Soap Operas, often called “Telenovas”.

Why Spanish soap operas?  It is a great way to learn Spanish or, and the plots are so easy to understand, that it is not even necessary.
Lots of Sexy guys and gals with pathetic story lines can make watching Telenovas fun!  For instance,  the Soap opera Beto Rockfeller has a simple plot about a man that pretends to be filthy rich, but actually works in a shoe-store, and plays multiple women.

Spanish Soap Opera’s – A list of Telenovas

  • Los Ricos Tambie’n Llor -The Rich Also Cry – Rich man adopts homeless women, with a tendency for romance
  • El Derecho de Nacer
  • Trilogy of the Marias – Lead by Spanish star Thalia.  Three dramas called Maria Mercedes, Marimar and Maria la del Barrio.
  • Beto Rockfeller – This is a Brazillian Soap Opera with simple plot about a man that pretends to be filthy rich, but actually works in a shoe-store
  • Simplemente Maria – An Urban Cinderalla Story in Novella format

Patricio Wills from Telemundo describes the Telenova (Spanish Soap Opera) Format

“The plot is always the same. In the first three minutes of the first episode the viewer already knows the novela will end with that same couple kissing each other. A telenovela is all about a couple who wants to kiss and a scriptwriter who stands in their way for 150 episodes.”

Here is a tasty 10 minute sample of Spanish Soap Opera “Los Ricos Tambie’n Llor”

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