The Future of Soap Operas

The future of soaps is right in front of you.

Web and cell phone generated content, of all genres and forms – often reality based.

With all of the major canceled soap operas in the past few years, it is apparent that the younger generation is looking for something new.

The Future of Soap Operas – Reality Soaps?

Apparently there is a connection between Soap Opera viewers and Reality Show viewers.

TV historian Ron Simon was quoted quite a few years ago as saying “They’re closer cousins than most people realize,” “If you look at the Internet chat boards for soaps and reality shows, the audiences are asking the same question, ‘Why is the character doing this?’ They’re both a way to measure your own life.”

The reality is, people should be able to watch whatever they want to. Many soap and reality episodes are now available on the Web and TV – which is better for us, the viewers.

Check out some of our alternative programming – this cell phone soap is an “Urban Drama”.

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