Cancelled Soap Operas

The soap opera genre has been on the chopping block for years now. The facts are, it really has been out of touch with modern American Society, and people can no longer relate to the content. The younger generation has too much texting to do to commit to a daily television show. Cellphone Soaps probably have a better chance to save the future of soap operas

Reality TV is taking on many behemoth media institutions, and is nudging its way into day-time programming. You gotta wonder how long ABC, NBC, and CBS will even be relevant.

Andy Warhol’s expression “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”, has never been more telling.

String of Soap Operas Canceled – The Future of Soaps?

The cancellation of “One Life To Live” and “All My Children” make it the third and fourth year in a row that an American daytime drama has been canceled. Back in 2009 the CBS Soap Opera “Guiding Light” was canceled, and just a year later “As the World Turns” was canceled. The Future of Soap Operas may be bleak but a new genre of cell phone soap operas is taking its place.

All My Children – Canceled Soap Opera

ABC’s “All My Children” will end quite soon – this September in fact.

What will replace the canceled soap opera? An informational program called “The Chew” which will focus on our obsession with food shows. I predict failure on this one.

One Life To Live – Canceled Soap Opera

ABC’s other drama, “One Life to Live”, will be leaving us in January 2012.

What will replace the canceled soap opera? “The Revolution,” a topical program focused on health and lifestyles from the producers of “The Biggest Loser” and “Extreme Makeover : Weight Loss Edition”. Another show about our obsession with food and being fat.

Learn more about the future of soap operas.

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